LSF2010: Business talks – Focus, focus, focus, prioritise, prioritise, prioritise. It must get easier?

I’ve published another blog post on TwelvePoint about the London Screenwriters’ Festival and… here I am again facing a dilemma.

As a writer I need to know more about the business side of the film and television industries. I’m supposed to have a good grasp of what commissioners are looking for. I’m supposed to understand the producer’s point of view, and perhaps even become one… All this knowledge will help me see my projects optioned, maybe even produced. It’s an awful lot to think about when you’re trying to come up with your smart, eye-catching, brilliant read, fantastic, unique piece of writing.

Check the LSF2010‘s schedule: Three sessions collide in on Friday noon, 12pm, that would provide me with useful information on the business side of things. As I mentioned before (read my previous post) I’m working on two scripts at the moment: a feature film and a TV series. There’s so much I can get from those three sessions that I simply can’t decide. What do you think?

Read the full post at the website.

By the way, Oli Lewington is doing a daily blog too – in his case a special Countdown to look at ‘how you can get the most from your weekend and the biggest bang for your buck’. Day 1 talks about getting organised, equipped with business cards and notebooks. Day 2 is about looking at setting your schedule. He gives some truly interesting hints there. Don’t miss it.


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