LSF 2010: The non-linear story or the multi-linear digital world?

Once again, two crucial sessions (see schedule) clash at the London Screenwriters’ Festival – two sessions that are MUST GOs for completely different reasons. By the way, I’m less anxious now: Chris Jones let me know that all sessions will be filmed so that delegates will have access to them later. I must say I’d rather be there, and have a chance to meet and interact with the panellists, than watching them on video, but it’s great to know it’s not going to be a total miss! Thanks for that, Chris!

On Saturday (Day 2), 12pm, Linda Aronson will deliver a Non-Linear Story Workshop. One of my feature’s structure is non-linear and I’ve been struggling to get it right for a while now. I’ve had opposite reactions from two professionals who read my script: my former screenwriter tutor and writer partner in a project, Steve Hawes (whom I respect enormously and who’ll be at the unmissable Writer Notes, A Necessary Evil panel, on Friday) and a fantastic and experienced script editor, Lucy V Hay (who will be moderating the Being a Parent and a Writer, Writing for Soaps and Meet the Gate Keepers sessions).

One not only suggested but strongly encouraged it; the other strongly discouraged it…  Read the full post at

PS. Today Oli Lewington‘s Cowndown Lowdown blog is about Making the Most of Your Schedule where he offers 5-point Lowdown on getting what you need. Take a look at his insightful tips.


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