LSF2010: Accountants can make you smile too – and save your hard-earned money

I apologise to accountants in advance for that but I’m sure most people would rather go to the dentist than visit their accountants… Deep down, they are really lovely people but having to deal with tax and money can be as dreadful as a root canal. However, we do want to have shinny smiles, don’t we? In this case, the well known media accountants Andrew Subramaniam & Barry Kernon from H W Fisher will be putting a shining smile to your face – I promise there’ll be no dentists involved.

In the seminar How Can Writers Avoid Paying Tax (Accounts Clinic), Friday (Day 1), 2:10pm, H W Fisher are going to tell us how to avoid paying tax, how to charge some of our home costs against our income, when VAT is worth signing up for. To be honest, I hate the financial paperwork but if you work really hard to earn whatever you do earn, why pay a penny more to the government than you need to?

This session may not be the most fun of all, but could be worth the full delegates’ fee alone. And they will also answer questions and give out their tax guide for writers. This could be a no choice session. It does clash with the Kate Leys‘ seminar Your Script from Good to Great (see my previous post about it), which puts me again in a dilemma. Maybe, because I’m Brazilian and soon will no longer be living in the UK, I can get away with watching it on video later but my British colleagues, perhaps, should not.

Make sure you guarantee your place at the Festival by booking your ticket, if you haven’t already done so. If you quote code “twelvepoint”, you’ll get a £37 discount.

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