LSF2010: Doom is awesome but writers’ block isn’t. So I’ll get around it and unleash my creativity!

I’ll attend Keith Cunningham‘s seminar The Writers’ Voice (Beyond the Block), on Sunday, 12pm. Cunningham’s book The Soul of Screenwriting has an approach that made me feel immediately warm about what he was saying: my choices of what to write about and how I approach the telling of the stories are to some extent a result of who I am. I have thought about that a lot but I always felt this was one of my weaknesses as a writer. Perhaps it isn’t… Actually, Cunningham will talk about the (in)famous writer’s block and how to get around it. Always useful if you have to meet that deadline.

Checking the schedule for earlier that day I found out that, at 10am, there’ll be two hard choices again: Writing for Games or The Creative Screenwriter? The latter will be delivered by Craig Batty – who has written many fabulous articles for TwelvePoint.

Writing for games can be a fantastic new challenge for writers. The game market is HUGE and games are not only becoming increasingly more sophisticated, technically speaking, but are also evolving plot-wise. There’s a new market opening for screenwriters in that area. Although it is unlikely I’ll ever attempt to tap into it, it’s still an area of interest. A while ago I attended a talk at De Montfort University by a screenwriter who’d been writing Doom. I never played Doom but I found the idea of writing for it awsome.

The Creative Screenwriter seminar can be a rather relaxing option for Day 3. Craig will bring us a lively and interactive approach that ‘will help you rekindle the creative spark, remind you why you enjoy writing, and create new ways to help you expertly express the stories you want to tell – and sell!’, according the LSF website. This sounds like loads of fun!


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