Should I write the first British Telenovela? Or the Brazilian version of Skins?

On Saturday, at 2:10pm, I’ll probably also be attending the Writing for Soaps seminar with Danny Stack, Marc Pye and Lisa Holdsworth. I’m always amazed at how different British soaps and Brazilian telenovelas are (yes I am Brazilian). However different in format, the writing is probably similar. Telenovelas are HUGE in Brazil, so as a writer I ought to be paying careful attention to all tricks and tips coming from those experienced soap writers, since this may be a possible future job for me there. Perhaps, when I go back to my home country, I’ll even have a chance to introduce some Britishness into out Latin American ways…

As usual, later on Saturday, at 4pm, two relevant seminars clash (check the schedule). The first is From the Famous Five to Skins, Writing for Young Audiences with Danny Stack, Andy Briggs, Gale Renard, Helen Brunsdon and Chris Hill. I have a two projects that have been on hold for a while but I’ll certainly go back to. One is a novel and the other is potentially a tv series, both aimed at young adults. I can’t miss Chris Hill since Skins has an edge to it that I want to incorporate into my writing. I wonder how “edgy” one can be when writing for young audiences. And I understand Andy Briggs has half a dozen commissions from both sides of the Atlantic, so how does he do it?

The second seminar taking place on Saturday, 4pm, is the Negotiation Skills seminar. I must learn to negotiate. I’m not good at it. I hate negotiating with producers (or estate agents, for all that matters…) so I think this is a MUST attend: very experienced media lawyer Nick Lom will be with Steffen Weihe, equally experienced agent and also lawyer. Writers (at least the ones like myself) so often let themselves down by being so grateful when they are offered a deal or commission even if it is for £1… I surely can use one trick or two these guys can give me. Maybe I should ask Julian which to go for as he is also on the negotiating skills panel?


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